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Configure Plugin’s

1. Elementor Page Builder: Elementor Page Builder is number #1 Page Builder for WordPress, which’s drag and drop frontend live editing feature that will save you tons of time working on the site content and layout. You will be able to take full control over your WordPress site, build any layout you can imagine – no programming knowledge required. You can instantly see changes you make.

General tab

After installing the Elementor please go to Elementor > Settings > General tab

1.1 Post Types: We recommend to make sure to check the following checkboxes post, page, Projects. it’s enable Elementor on those Post Types. However you can make your own choices.

1.2 Disable Default Colors: We live it unchecked, if you want to disable default Colors then check it.

1.3 Disable Default Fonts: When you active our theme it’s set a fonts as a default font family, so we recommend check this box to disable this feature. if you don’t disable this it’s can also make some conflict with the theme also.

Style tab

Now go to Style tab. In this tab we change two option, rest of option leave as it is. also you can configure your own if you want to but it can break the visual output.

1.4 Default Generic Fonts: While we disable default fonts disable so make this box empty, we no need any generic fonts support also.

1.5 Content Width: Content width of our theme is 1200px so make it 1200 from 1140. also you can leave it default

Advanced tab

We won’t recommend any changes to advanced tab but if you are a pro user of Elementor page Builder then you know what are those settings for and you can configure your own.

After making the changes please click “Save Changes” button.

Contact Form 7:

Please configure this plugin after import demo data.

After import demo data you will get a configured contact form with it you only need to replace the mail receiver email address. for change receiver email address click “Contact” than click “edit” the form from the list who’s title are “Contact Us” than click “Mail” tab than change “To” field with your email address.

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