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Page Setup

How To Create a Page:

1. Click Page from admin bar in Dashboard.

2. Click Add New under page in admin bar.

3. Write your Page Title.

4. Add your page content in this area.

5. Featured Image: Click to Set Featured Image then upload a featured image, featured image will show as a background in page title section, if no featured image are set then it show default placeholder image.

6. Choose a page template, see the short description below about all page template’s

=> Default template : it’s WordPress default page template, it has sidebar by default.

=> Elementor Canvas : It’s came with elementor page builder, it has no theme header, footer or sidebar full plain template, it’s suitable if you design your page with only elementor elements.

=> Elementor Full Width : It’s came with elementor page builder, it has theme header, footer support but no support of page title section.

=> Blank Template : It’s came with ComBiz theme. it’s a full wide templete with no support of page title or sidebar section.

=> Fullwide Template : It’s came with ComBiz theme. it’s a full wide templete. it has support of page title section and no support of sidebar.

7. Show Page Title Area? : have a switch. If you want to Disable Title Area completely, default is enable to show the area.

8. Height Page Title Area: Type page title area height in pixel. By default 350px

9. Custom Title Text : You can use any custom text as a page title text, WordPress page title is default value.

10. Click Publish button to publish new page.

If you want to design your page with elementor now you click “Edit with Elementor” button to edit with elementor..

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